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Kovak Laser Institute | AbdomenAbdomen

Are you trying to get that flat stomach back that you had before having children? Or are sit ups and crunches just not getting rid of that extra belly fat? SlimLipo may be perfect for you! With minimal downtime and discomfort, let Dr. Kovak "melt" away that unwanted abdomen fat and give you that flat stomach you desire.



Kovak Laser Institute | BackBack

The main complaint we hear from women about their back is the bra bulge. That excess fat that creates an extra bulge above and under the bra strap can create undesirable lines and lumps under your slimming shirts. SlimLipo can remove these budges for a smooth and slim back!




Kovak Laser Institute | ButtocksButtocks

Most women dream of having a slender and sculpted back side, but genes, age, child birth and weight gain can make the buttocks less than perfect. Slim Lipo can tome and sculpt the butt like no treadmill can. Get ready to fit into those designer jeans!




Kovak Laser Institute | Chin & NeckChin & Neck

Many women and men get frustrated with their appearance due to the skin drooping and sagging under the chin and neck. Woman spend thousands on skin products that just cannot seem to fight this sign of aging. SlimLipo has produced amazing results that eliminate this skin sagging and tighten the neck skin, making men and women look sometimes decades younger! Imagine getting rid of this frustration in less than an hour! It is possible with the expertise at Kovak Laser Institute!


Kovak Laser Institute | Love HandlesLove Handles

Have you been battling with stubborn love handles? Has your endless workouts including cardio, weights and sit ups shown minimal results? This is an area that SlimLipo treats extremely well. Schedule a consultation at Kovak Laser Institute to see what SlimLipo can do for you!



Kovak Laser Institute | Male ChestMale Chest

For men, taking off a shirt in a public area can make some self conscious. Genes and weight gain can cause some men to have extra fat in the breast area that is not easily taken care of with routine work puts. SlimPro removes this excess chest fat to scalp a leaner torso.



Kovak Laser Institute | ThighsThighs

Do you constantly battle with your thighs? Are your constant workouts showing now improvement in reducing some fat that just will not go away? SlimPro slims these resistant ares to give a leaner smoother silhouette. Now you can pull out those mini skirts and skinny jeans!





Kovak Laser Institute | Upper Arms/TricepsUpper Arms/Triceps

As we age, regardless of the work outs and strength training, our arms begin to sag downward, making wearing tank tops and short sleeve shirts something we dread. Stop hiding yourself under long sleeved shirts and check out SlimLipo. Dr. Kovak can help those her suffer from hard to tone arms are give your arms a slim and smooth appearance.